How to Install Flash Player Updates on Citrix/XP/Terminal Servers

Anybody who has had to deal with Citrix servers knows that it’s a pain getting anything installed without affecting end-users.  Adobe Flash Player is no different – it must be installed a specific way to make it work properly without getting the dreaded “Application was installed previously with administrative permissions, please install again” error.


Step 1: Download the latest .msi version of Flash Player from Adobe’s download location.

Step 2: Open your Start Menu, click Control Panel –> Add or Remove Programs.

Step 3: Click ‘Add New Programs‘ on the left side of the window.

Step 4: Click the ‘CD or Floppy‘ button, which will open a prompt to select your installer.  Locate and select the .msi file you downloaded in Step 1 and click ‘Next’.

flash-citrix-dialogStep 5: You will now see the standard Adobe Flash Player installer, which can be installed just like a normal program.  And you’re done!

Author’s note: This guide also works with Windows XP for administrators looking to push patches to client workstations.

Published by Jacob Keppeler

Jacob Keppeler is a Network Analyst for an insurance company in Esko, MN. He likes anything to do with cars, electronics, and of course contributing to Techerator.