Friday Fun! Get Your RTS On In Pixel Legions

In this week’s Friday Fun, I bring you a Flash game with a bit more depth than previous entries. Pixel Legions takes the complexity of most modern real-time strategy games and boils it down into its most basic form, perfect for the Flash game format.

In Pixel Legions there is only one unit type, the humble pixel. Groups of pixels are spawned in regular intervals at your square base. Pixel groups can be directed by clicking on a group and then clicking on a destination or by clicking and dragging for more complex routes. When two pixel groups of opposing colors get close enough to each other they join in battle. The goal of each level is to eliminate the opposing colors’ pixel spawning bases.

Many of the later levels start you at a distinct disadvantage to the opposing colors, but there are ways to tilt the odds back into your favor. Flanking groups of enemy pixels by attacking from multiple sides give your pixels a combat bonus. You can also halt enemy pixel production by directly attacking their base. On levels with multiple enemies you can bide your time, building up your own army while your opponents decimate each other.

Several levels introduce obstacles that alter how the game is played. For example, some levels have a “King of the Hill” area (no, not that King of the Hill). Position your base here and you will benefit from increased pixel production and a boost to your existing army’s strength.

Pixel Legions manages to provide enough strategy and tactics for RTS fans, but also keeps thinks simple enough for those not used to the fast pace of the modern RTS game.