We’re Giving Away Limited Edition Android Collectibles! [Updated]

The contest is now closed, check out the results!

Check it out: we have THREE sold out, limited edition Android collectibles created by artist Andrew Bell that we can’t wait to give to a few lucky readers.  Only 2,000 of these bad boys were ever made, and you can pretty much only get them on eBay nowadays – until now, that is!

So here’s how this works:  The green Android collectible is up for grabs first, and after 50 contest entries we’ll be adding the yellow “high voltage” Android (so spread the word!).  Two Androids, two lucky winners.  Exciting!

UPDATE: We’re giving away a third “Creature” Android collectible after we reach 100 contest entries, so tell your friends!

How to Enter

Step 1:  Follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook.  If you’re already doing that, thanks!

Step 2: Leave a comment below (make sure to use a valid account to comment, whether Twitter, Facebook, or email – this is how we’ll contact the winners).

That’s it!  The contest ends at the end of the day on Monday, October 11th. Winners will be announced Tuesday, October 12!

Check out more pictures below.

[nggallery id=10]

Details: 3″ tall, vinyl, movable arms and head. Comes with original packaging.

  • They are so cute! I’m gonna love them and pet them and squeeze them and call them George(s).

    Doesn’t translate very well to mini Androids, but hey… 🙂

  • These are Awesome!

  • Gina Latterner

    They are too cute!

  • kimberly

    i want the green!

  • following on twitter..

  • Chris

    Sweet. Saw your twitpic this morning and was trying to figure out how to enter.

  • cory

    this would go most excellent on my desk at work ^_^

  • Got to have one as an Android dev! (Get Rainy Days now :P)

  • Hugo Visser

    Doh signed in using twitter, now with my email addy….

  • Jeff Wieser


  • oh man, these are way too sweeet!!!!!!
    Great contest!!!!!!!

  • They would look perfect standing guard over my D-Incredible at work 🙂

  • Tdog131

    I’m in.

  • I want one!

  • Is there really a free lunch? A free android?

  • wooo!

  • PW

    Very cute. Who doesn’t want an android!

  • Gotta love these little guys. Thanks! They look great.

  • Erica Wondrasek

    !!!Munchkin Droids!!!

  • Those are too awesome! The yellow one kinda reminds me of Electabuzz from the original Pokemon.

  • Joe

    In to win… 🙂

  • Joe

    In it to win it… 🙂

  • Ryan Melcer

    Really want that green one!

  • Count me in!


  • Maribeth Geiszler

    Hey Evan!!

    Yes, I would like to own (then distribute) these little guys to someone I know wants and will love to have them. 🙂

  • The little “Android” reminds me of days as a child long b4 gadgets, hi-tech and such. Makes one think. Where would we be today without our Androids? Sure I’d like to wine one too. It would be placed honorably next to R2D2…


  • Anonymous

    Who wouldn’t want to win this? Now have fun shipping it to China 😛

  • Yesosuresh

    Cute.. love that green droid!

  • One of these would look great on my desk! And in my car! And on my bedside table! I’d take it everywhere!

  • Sweet

  • yay android!!!

  • Cory B.

    “DROID!” *in obnoxious, yet totally sweet robotic voice*

  • I want one!

  • Derek Johnson

    Not sure if I qualify but I do like free stuff!

  • I love Android. One of those would be awesome in my cubicle!

  • WOOT!

  • Haha! I had to join in those are tight. They need some of these at RobotLove, or the Manufactory, in Minneapolis.

  • Ohhhh! Those are tight. I have to join this. They look like RobotLove or Manufactory in Minneapolis would have them.

  • MKelly

    Those would totally look awesome on my desk at work!

  • One of these would look pretty good on my desk.

  • Cuddigan

    Those Androids are almost as cool as Bender.

  • Been thinking about starting a bobble-head collecting… I think one of these guys would compliment it nicely!!


  • They are so damn cute!!!

    The high voltage one is amazing!!!

  • They are so damn cute!!!

    The high voltage one is amazing!!!

  • They are so damn cute!!!

    The high voltage one is amazing!!!

  • These are awesome. Would love to have one next to my reddit bobblehead 🙂

  • My Nexus feels very lonely, This would help 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Now that I finally have a Droid, I’m worthy of owning one of those little guys. It would look good next to my collection of bobble heads in my office. http://twitpic.com/13nryx

  • Awww

  • reva skie

    Eep! Cute lil buggers, would love to have them. I could totally act out work scenarios with these.

  • Ryan Hahnfeldt

    These are sweet, I want one.

  • Soooooooo cute!

  • I LOVE THEM!!! I want one for my desk at work =) ADORABLE!!

  • Philip Paul Wilson

    Duuddee, let me have itt

  • Love em! I want em all!

  • really cooling looking things, and very interesting pieces of art, modern day art at its finest !!!

  • I’m just glad that the Android is getting some love. We really need all the publicity we can get. (I hear that Verizon is getting iPhone next year.)

  • They are all awesome, hopefully you reach enough to give away the creature!

  • Boom! 🙂

  • Calli_feland

    PICK ME or die!!!! 🙂

  • I want one for my dashboard.

  • Android <3

  • Awesome !!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • I want an Android!! Haha coollll

  • heck yes

  • Thomas Patterson

    I CANT WAIT TO wrestle with my Limited Edition ANDROID!!!

    I just upgraded to ANDROID HTC and it is THE BEST!

  • Holy crap I didnt even know these existed! I must have one! I wish I knew these existed…I would have bought a ton at launch ;_;

  • Those things are………AWESOME!!!

  • Sick Looks…I want one! =)

  • Followed on twitter. These look awesome.

  • Those are so awesome!! Thanks for the contest!

  • Coool Android collectible. I want the green one…..

  • These are sweet! I want one BAD!

  • cool figurines

  • Must have these !

  • If only they could make a mini donut, eclair, and froyo to go with the set… That would be awesome

  • Must, have all!

  • Look Nice

  • skylite22

    I want the red and yellow one!! I already have the green one. But I have a friend that would still love one

  • PLEASE gimme one… I deserve it… I am half human, half robot.. they look my siblings.. I want one…..

  • Liked and followed, hoping one of these will follow me home.

  • the yellow one is sick, my nike sb mutant needs a friend :[

  • Android all the way!!! w00t!


  • Jim

    what are these things:?

  • These. Are. Amazing! I am still powerfully in love with my G1, and have thought the Android was the cutest freakin’ thing since I first saw it. Definitely following you guys on twitter. What a great promo for a great product!

  • Moostadon

    these are way too cool gotta have em

  • i like the yellow one! but they are all awesome!

  • Following on Twitter and FB… These are the coolest things I’ve ever seen! can’t wait to snuggle with it. 🙂

  • I’d love to win one!

  • O…M…G…these are so awesome! I’m loving them!

  • These are sweet! 🙂

  • i hope i win because this things are awesome, just looking at this makes me want to have them all, there is like 3 more to this collection!

  • Bam.


  • hey, I think that these figures are awesome, so I guess I’m entering. 🙂

  • I’d love to win one of these!

  • Have been trying to get a pair to go next to my Nexus One desktop docks 🙂

  • Ddrillin

    Adorable 🙂

  • Hell yeah! Those things look badass!

  • HI!
    I want these BADLY

  • Dave

    these things rock! hope i win.

  • righteous

  • awesome!

  • Those rock!!!

  • Ivorclone

    I hate that they were sold out. Those adroids are amazingly designed. Good luck to everyone!

  • yayyyyy

  • Jforeman2014

    WOOHOO! last comment! good luck, but i still hope that i win over everyone else! 😀

  • These are great. I’d love to display them on my desk at work where there’s a bunch of Crackberry and iPhone drones.

  • those are Awesome 1 love Android

  • Woot!

  • interesting

  • interesting

  • I like them. They need to make more!

  • I wonder if I can mod them?

  • this is my comment. gimme gimme gimme 😀

  • Droidman01

    Those are so Cool I want want so bad!

  • Oh yeahhh!! They look dooooooooope! i hope i win 😀

  • Kim Werner

    Woot woot

  • soheil.ysf@gmail.com
    I hope I win the green! 😀

  • Cool. Look very interesting and would love to have one.

  • I want one!

  • signed up!

  • DJ

    Haha. Those are great, I’d totally show them off, plus android is awesome.

  • These are the droids I have been looking for!

  • Big android fan… Still have my G1, but moved on to use Droid as my main provider of Android goodness. Can’t wait to update to X soon.

  • one of these would look good on my desk. 🙂

  • I want one to add to my nerd collection

  • i wanna win one!!

  • dan

    wolby obly

  • I really want one,,, each one of my phones has been an android! Paid for full price,,, I love android!

  • Deniseadams

    Ya gotta give me one! All the troubles I gave you and ODNA!

  • DUDE. I WANT ONE. 🙂 PICK ME PICK ME! jorny32@gmail.com!

    • O and I am also an Android Dev! Download Halo Reach Tips or the Medal of Honor TipApp on the market today!

  • I need it to go with my Duck.

  • Following on Twitter

    Fan on FB Page!!

    Goodluck to me, fingures crossed 🙂

    U guys are awesome & doing a fantastic job with all the tips & trix… i find them useful & helpful.. Thank U, guys.. Keep them coming..Goodluck 🙂

  • Awesome, hope I win!

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