Everything you need to know about the new iPhone 5

The much anticipated iPhone 5 is finally out and from a glimpse of the gadget during the launch,
Apple did not make us wait all this long for nothing. Measuring 0.30 inch thick, the iPhone 5 is 18%
thinner than its predecessor and Apple claims that it is the thinnest and lightest (3.95 ounces) phone


In bid to tackle areas where the influx of Android smartphones is poking holes in iOS, the company has incorporated high-speed 4G-LTE networking capabilities which will add to the already impressive list of supported networks (GPRS, EDGE, EV-DO and HSPA). LTE will have a dedicated single chip  for voice and data, another for radio, and a dynamic antenna that will surf through different networks automatically.


To compete with other high end Smartphones like Samsung galaxy S111 or the Nokia Lumia 920, the Retina Display screen has been increased to an impressive 4″ which, though still less than that of its competitors, delivers better display at 326ppi (1,136×640) at an aspect ratio of 16:9.

The extra screen dimensions mean more icons can be crammed into the home screen reducing the time to locate certain services. Other applications that will take advantage of this real estate will be the calendar which can now give a full five day view and iWork apps. However, third-party apps without updates will have to work framed in black borders to avoid stretching or scaling.


Encased in an aluminium unibody stellar quality shell does away with the fragility of its predecessors, the iPhone 5 packs an A6 chip that is two times faster than the current A5 chip. The chip, which in the real sense is 22% smaller than the A5, will deliver faster speeds effectively doing away with the lagging common in the 4th generation iPhones when they run heavy apps.

Battery Life

Powering all this awesome hardware under normal circumstances is expected to make consume more battery life.  Apple is however promising longer battery life – an alleged 8 hours for 3G talk, 8hours of 3G and LTE browsing, 10 hours for Wi-Fi browsing and video playback, 40 for music playback and a whooping 225 hours of standby time – something we won’t be sure of until it is tested.

Camera and Additional Features

Other cutting-edge features include a primary “iSight” camera at 8 megapixels featuring backside
illumination, a hybrid IR filter, five element lenses and a f2.4 aperture, a secondary camera, additional three more
microphone, improved noise cancellation feature, a new and smaller connector (Lightning) and SIM card and a new OS, iOS 6.

The 16GB is $199, the 32GB is $299 and the 64GB is $399.

A closer look at the iPhone 5 Mockup

With the release of the latest-generation iPhone around the corner, the web has registered numerous leaks about the device from multiple sources around the globe. The latest bit of information comes from a set of videos and still photos of a full mockup of the iPhone 5 at the 2012 IFA convention in Europe. The mockup was first spotted by GSM Israel field agents in a booth for an iPhone case maker.

The news caught up like wildfire after being translated and posted on The Verge, stemming a lively discussion about the real meaning of the mockup. Commenting on the same, a reporter said, “We are told volume production of the form-fitting cases have already begun, with a view to shipping to retailers in a week’s time.” He went a step further to state that, “The mockup we got to see today confirms absolutely nothing about Apple’s plans, but at least one company is confident enough in the dimensions on show to start producing accessories for the expected iPhone 5.”

The Verge claims to have stumbled upon the mockup that is shown below courtesy of the CEO to a major cover and case manufacturer. The mockup rhymes with all the iPhone 5 rumors floating around in the sense that the gadget is taller than existing iPhones and features a bottom-placed headphone jack and a two-toned back plate.

Among the expected upgrades on the iPhone 5 will be a larger 4-inch screen, a slimmer design, and a redesigned charging dock with fewer pins. Other features to expect in the new model will be 4G LTE connectivity, NFC capabilities and a longer-lasting battery.

With the launch anticipated to be a real game changer, other handset rivals are rushing to share the glory ahead of the iPhone 5. Nokia announced some new devices yesterday, including their new flagship Lumia 920, while Amazon is rumored to debut a new Kindle Fire on September 6th.

The scoop on the Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia will unveil its new flagship Windows Phone smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 920 at an event scheduled to be held on September 5th in conjunction with Microsoft. The smartphone has been designed to help Nokia maintain its place in the smartphone marketplace following the enormous challenge from the open-source Android-operated smartphone models that are flooding the market.

Rumor has it that the new Nokia smartphone will feature a 1.5GHz dual core processor, wireless charging capabilities, 1GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera and a 4.5-inch HD display. The primary camera is speculated to be a PureView camera of around 8 megapixels.

What we have for sure so far are images of what appear to be the Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone. They appeared last week with the only details being the name and that it will feature a 4.5-inch screen. Judging from the leaked images, the smartphone will most definitely come in a range of colors, a speculation that we can only confirm come tomorrow.

Reputed for its manufacture of hardware and software-reliable phones, Nokia must have put their best into designing and producing the Nokia Lumia 920. This is something good to the ultimate user of the phone. However, the rigorous testing and vetting of the phone design’s strengths and weaknesses is an expensive one, an explanation given by many techies as to why Nokia phones can be so high-priced.

The Nokia Lumia 920 will be released into a market flooded with relatively cheaper smartphones operating on Android and iOS. To gain a position in the gamble, the phone must have an extra software touch. For instance, Windows Phone has an edge over Android on multitasking, an edge that Nokia must exploit if they intend to shake the market.

Though the release date is on the first Wednesday of October, it is unfortunate that most of us will have to wait until late October or November before we can lay our hands on the gadget and try out the features and performance.

Samsung loses to Apple in patent infringement case; what’s next?

The lawsuit between Apple and Samsung is over, and the jury gave a decisive verdict in Apple’s favor: Samsung owes $1.05 billion to Apple for copying its intellectual property. This included Apple’s user interface software patents on iOS, Apple’s design patents and their trade dress on the iPhone brands. The jury found that several of Samsung’s phones had infringed on these patents.

What’s interesting is that Samsung’s infringements were ruled as deliberate and hence the huge punishment against the company. Apple’s arguments were quite valid to say the least. The iPhone was a revolution, five years in the making, according to Apple, and Samsung simply took it and copied it without bearing the costs and risks involved. The jury was simply not convinced of Samsung’s attempted demonstration of prior art.

So what happens next? For one thing, we can except Apple to seek injunctions against the sale of the Galaxy SII, which is one of the accused devices that is still on the market. We can also expect Samsung to make an appeal of the jury’s decision.

The dominoes will also likely start falling on the user interface behaviors across Android devices. The bounceback scrolling behavior that has been patented by Apple is one good example. Other behaviors included tap-to-zoom and multitouch scrolling that will have to change on new devices. Apple’s design patent and trade dress has likely shaken the industry and proven that these patents are strong enough to convince a jury.

Expect more litigation between Apple and Android phone makers like HTC and Motorola. Apple will also likely take another swing against Samsung and we can expect to see more devasting results in the courtroom. Most companies will likely not want to risk the huge amounts of money that Samsung has spent in the case. These companies are better off taking Google’s advice: let partners settle the cases and avoid keeping lawsuits open and running.

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Source: Movement Marketing: 4 Strategies For Sparking A Brand Movement