Add a Splash of Color to Your Twitter Background (and clothing and walls, too!)

If you’re like many of my Twitter friends, or about 70% of the Techerator staff, you have a default Twitter background. There’s nothing wrong with it, unless you want the same unique look as 80 million other people in the Twitterverse. There’s the option to cruise Google or Bing for wallpapers large and shapely enough […]

Britannica Encyclopedia kicks back, brings information from print to mobile

We all know how reliable Wikipedia can be for information, especially for term papers. And who goes to the library anymore to use encyclopedias? With technology and the way information flies faster than the speed of fiber optic, encyclopedias or any type of printed information is becoming increasingly obsolete. So what should you use for […]

Express Your Inner Android with Androidify

Do you love Android? I mean, like, really love Android to the point where you see that green little robot and go: “Squeee!!”?  I know I do. As much as I like to keep my IRL mug a secret (pay no attention to the man behind the curtain), I always wished there would be some […]

A Geeky Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Getting the perfect gift for your geeky loved one can be difficult, so fellow Techerator editor Kate Bedrick and I have teamed up to give you some fantastic gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day (or any holiday, really). No need to thank us; we’re basically professionals at being geeks. Evan’s Picks Adult Footie Pajamas Footie […]

“Catch” the New Way to Organize Notes with Smartphones and Browsers

We’ve all done it; emailed yourself a note or reminder while at work or on the go, then weeding through your bursting inbox trying to find it. There is the option of a mailbox search with keywords, but it’s pretty much a bust if you can’t find something in 10 seconds. With the birth of […]