Tree Style Tab Makes Tabbed Browsing Even Better

Firefox only:  Do you remember the first time you discovered tabbed browsing, and how wonderful it was?  Well, for as much as tabbed browsing has revolutionized our browsing experience, tabs still seem to be clunky and inefficient at times (especially if you’re a power user). The solution lies in Tree Style Tab, an add-on for […]

Fix: Firefox Won’t Save Cookies or Auto-Logins

Update 06-16-09: Mozilla has announced in Firefox 3.0.11 that “Several issues were reported with the internal database, SQLite, which have now been fixed by upgrading to a newer version.”  So if this guide works for you, be sure to upgrade to the newest version of Firefox. It can strike when you least expect it – […]

Files Over Miles: Browser to Browser File Sharing

A newly launched service allows you to send files (large files included) directly from your web browser to another web browser.  Files Over Miles is a service that is built upon the P2P file transfer capabilities that are included in Version 10 of Adobe Flash Player.  With this P2P capability, the need for an intermediate […]

Firefox Desktop Turns Your Browser Into an Operating System (sort of)”>cloud

Firefox only:  With the advent of cloud computing and sites such as Gmail, Google Docs, and even the online version of Photoshop, it is clear that desktop computing as we know it is beginning to shift towards an internet environment.  Browsers are quickly becoming the focal point of all our daily computing tasks, which easily […]

How To: Automatically View YouTube Videos in HD and Resized to 720p

Firefox Only:  Now that YouTube has a high quality / high definition option available for almost all videos, you may have found yourself wishing it would be enabled by default.  Realistically, YouTube has the higher quality mode disabled by default to save bandwidth on users who don’t mind lower quality videos, but this guide will […]

How To: Automatically Hide Labels in Gmail

Firefox Only:  Although Gmail’s labels can be extremely useful for organizing and increasing your email productivity, they can become quite a nuisance if you have several labels applied to a message.  When this happens, the labels take over the space that usually displays the message preview, and makes your inbox start to look cluttered and […]

Spice Up Firefox’s Appearance with Personas

Firefox is a great browser, but despite all it’s usefulness it is pretty drab in the aesthetics department.  While the browser has always allowed you to install themes to modify its appearance, they have never been wildly popular nor particularily intuitive for the everyday user. Personas for Firefox are lightweight, easy-to-install “skins” that can be […]

Enhance Websites in Firefox with Greasemonkey

Greasemonkey is an extremely versatile add-on for Mozilla Firefox which allows users to install scripts that can make modifications to most HTML-based websites.  Greasemonkey can greatly enhance a website by changing the layout, adding new features, or increasing ease-of-use. To install Greasemonkey, head on over to the Firefox Add-On Greasemonkey page and click “Add to […]