A Programmer’s Dilemma: Choosing between Qt and .NET

I’ve been a programmer for a long time, but admittedly, most of my efforts have been devoted to web-based projects (PHP, ASP) and command line desktop programs with a very limited audience. Recently, I’ve decided to swallow my pride and accept that I need to learn to make desktop apps that…don’t suck. Where do I […]

How to Play Ogg Vorbis Files from the Linux Command Line

If you’re a dedicated user of free and open source software, chances are your dedication goes beyond just software. You probably try to use as many open file formats as you can. Document formats, video formats, and audio formats. Especially audio formats. In the world of free and open source software, a popular format is […]

Backup Files from Your Linux Desktop with Pybackpack

As you probably know, there are a number of great web apps for backing up your files. Many of us here at Techerator are partial to Dropbox. That said, for some people cloud-based storage is overkill. Others have serious reservations about trusting their files to others. Fair enough. So what can they do? Well, they […]

Creating a Bootable Linux USB Drive with UNetbootin

Test driving and installing a Linux distribution has become a lot easier over the years. In the early days, you needed to install Linux on a dedicated computer. Or, you could set your computer up to dual boot. Of course that meant navigating the potential perils of partitioning your hard drive. Later, a Live CD […]

Converting Graphics on the Linux Desktop with Converseen

If you’re a Linux user, then you probably know how spoiled you are when it comes to applications for working with graphics. Whatever you need to do — editing, resizing, viewing, converting — there’s an application for that. One of the most powerful Linux tools for manipulating graphics is ImageMagick. As powerful as it is, […]

Taking Screen Captures on the Linux Desktop with Shutter

Once upon a time, just about the only people who took screen captures were technical communicators and technology writers. Nowadays, it seems that everyone needs to grab a window or screen on their desktop. Which is why, I guess, the number of screen capture tools available for various operating systems has blossomed over the years. […]

5 Basic Commands Every Linux User Should Know

So you’ve been using Linux for a while but have never gone to the command line. Hmm … guess what? That’s not uncommon. While you don’t need to go to the command line to effectively use Linux, knowing even a few basic commands can be useful. That knowledge can open a few doors, expand your […]

Posting to Tumblr from the Linux Desktop with OpenTumblr Client

If you’re looking to publish online, but want a platform that’s somewhere between Twitter and a fully-fledged blog, then you might want to check out Tumblr. With Tumblr, you post tumblelogs, short posts that can be text, video, or audio. The great thing about a tumblelog is that it’s simple to set up and use. […]

Optimize Your MySQL Server With the MySQL Tuner Script

MySQL is powerful, open-source database software. When joined with PHP or another programming language, the uses of MySQL are almost endless. The ability to use MySQL in an unlimited number of ways is both a blessing and a curse. While MySQL can be used for just about anything, there is no single proper way to […]

How to Learn the Linux Command Line with CLI Companion

Contrary to an enduring myth, you don’t need to constantly jump to the command line in order to effectively use Linux. There are people who spend all their time ensconced in their favorite window manager who’ve never, and never will, type a string of esoteric commands. Having said that, there are times when knowledge of […]