The Ultimate .vimrc Configuration File for the Vim Text Editor

Vim is a versatile and powerful text editor for command-line environments in Linux/UNIX systems.  Vim is free, open source, and is available on many different platforms, but it does have some quirks out of the box.  If you’re comfortable working in a regular text editor you might find yourself lost, but in this guide I’ll […]

Ubuntu Updated to 10.10; Can Now Solve the Ultimate Question to Life, The Universe, and Everything

As an exclusive Windows user (with two computers running Windows 7, one running XP, and a Vista boot disk just in case), I find myself in a comfort zone.  Windows has been the bread of my computing life; starting all the way back to good ol’ Windows 95.  But just because I feel safe in […]

Songbird Media Player: Still Available For Linux

Back in April, the developers of the open-source application Songbird announced that they would be dropping official support for the Linux version of the media player. This was a huge shock to the open-source community. When version 1.7 of Songbird was released, only Windows and Mac versions were available for download. To my surprise, Sondbird […]

Make Upgrading Your Fedora System Easier with PreUpgrade

Keeping with their six-month release cycle, Fedora 13 – codename Goddard – was released on Tuesday. Upgrading your Fedora installs can be a time-consuming process if you’re using the downloaded DVD.  Reinstalling can also take time considering you will need to backup and restore your system. PreUpgrade is a utility that simplifies the Fedora upgrade […]

Jolicloud: A Fresh Netbook OS

With the increased popularity of netbooks in the last year, most PC manufacturers started producing their own line of netbooks, trying to condense high resource systems into small form factors.  Many users began looking for a way to get the most out of the sometimes limited system resources with netbooks. The first instinct many netbook […]

How to Setup Internet Connection Sharing in Fedora 12

If you have a computer with two network interfaces, one wired and one wireless, it can sometimes be beneficial to share an internet connection from one interface to another.  In Microsoft Windows this is called Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).  This guide will show you how to setup the equilivant of ICS in Fedora 12 by […]

EeePC 900A: Add More Hard Drive Space with a SDHC Card

If you’re looking for a small, cheap, and powerful netbook, the Asus Eee PC 900A is a great buy. Included by default in the 900A is a 4GB solid state hard drive (called a SSD). Although the SSD is large enough to run the included Xandros Linux operating system, you may find yourself running into […]

Fix: Adobe AIR Apps Crash After Upgrading to Fedora 12

After upgrading your system to Fedora 12, you may notice that some of your Adobe AIR applications no longer load properly.  The problem may persist even after you have reinstalled both Adobe AIR and the individual Adobe AIR applications. An error you may receive when installing the AIR applications is shown below: Application crashed with […]

Fedora 12 “Constantine” Released Today

Today marks the release date of the newest version of Fedora Linux distribution — Fedora 12.  Codenamed “Constantine”, Fedora 12 marks the newest release in a long line of Fedora versions. Features Some features included in this new release are listed below: Gnome 2.28 Change to i686 architecture Improved webcam support Fedora Studio PackageKit Browser […]

Control Your Linux System With A Web Interface

Administrating a Linux system is sometimes thought to be a task reserved for the command-line-savvy individuals.  While Linux does provide other means of administration such as various desktop environments and VNC (Virtual Network Computing), these means can sometimes be difficult for users to setup. Webmin is a web interface for Linux that can provide a […]