Fix: Adobe AIR Apps Crash After Upgrading to Fedora 12

adobe_airAfter upgrading your system to Fedora 12, you may notice that some of your Adobe AIR applications no longer load properly.  The problem may persist even after you have reinstalled both Adobe AIR and the individual Adobe AIR applications.

An error you may receive when installing the AIR applications is shown below:

Application crashed with an unhandled SIGSEGV

The above problem is caused by an invalid certificate file.  Simply deleting the certificate file as shown below will cause your Adobe AIR applications to begin working again.

Run the following command from terminal to fix the problem:

sudo rm -rf /etc/opt/Adobe/certificates/crypt/

How To: Install Adobe AIR in Fedora 11

With a new install of Fedora there are a few basic programs that typically should be installed including Java Runtime and Flash Player, and with the recent increase in the number of AIR applications Adobe AIR has been added to the list.  With the default install of Fedora 11, installing AIR does present a problem.  Even as root, a vague error message like the one shown below is presented half way through the installation.


Sorry, an error has occurred.

An error occurred while installing Adobe AIR.  Installation may not be allowed by your administrator.  Please contact your administrator.

The above problem is easily corrected with the following procedure.


  1. Download the Adobe AIR binary for Linux from
  2. Open the terminal
  3. Install gtk2-devel and rpm-devel from the terminal as root
  4. yum install gtk2-devel rpm-devel

  5. Once the packages and dependencies are installed, you can now install Adobe AIR with the following commands
  6. chmod +x AdobeAIRInstaller.bin


  7. Agree to the License
  8. Depending on what AIR application you are installing, simply double-clicking the application may not install it.  An error you may get is shown below
  9. Sorry, an error has occurred.

    The application could not be installed. Try installing it again. If the problem persists, contact the application author.

    Error# 5100

  10. It is possible to install an AIR application from the terminal like shown below
  11. Adobe\ AIR\ Application\ Installer /path/to/file.air

If the above steps are followed, you should now be able to install Adobe AIR and applications without any problems.

Facebook Releases Desktop Application, Aptly Named Facebook Desktop

fbdesktop6Facebook – the world’s fastest growing social network – wants to keep you connected to your social network without the web browser.  Using their newly released Facebook Desktop application, you can connect with friends, view your stream, and publish information right from your desktop computer.

To install Facebook Desktop, you first need to install the free Adobe AIR platform.  Since it is based on Adobe AIR, Facebook Desktop can be installed in Windows, Mac, or Linux [check out our guide on installing AIR in Ubuntu].  Once you’ve installed AIR, simply download and extract the Facebook Desktop installer to get started.

To install the application, double click the extracted Facebook_Desktop_for_AIR.air file and approve its installation as shown below.


Next, the application will ask you to sign in to Facebook and provide your approval for the application to access your News Feed and Wall, as well as publish posts and comments.


Once you’ve jumped through the authorization hoops, you’ll be presented with a News Feed much like the one you see on the Facebook homepage.  From here you can browse your friends’ news and statuses, comment and “like” updates, and publish your own updates using the “What’s on your mind?” box at the top.


Facebook Desktop provides a clean and easy-to-use user interface for getting the latest information from your social network.  The initial version of this application is very simplistic and clearly intends on furthering the “Twitterization” of Facebook – but you really can’t blame them for trying the same methods that have made Twitter so popular.

Have any thoughts about the Facebook Desktop application?  Do you think Facebook’s attempts at redesigning their user content have been beneficial?  Share it in the comments!