Encrypt Your Important Data with TrueCrypt

With privacy becoming a bigger and bigger issue in the digital world, it is becoming more important to protect your personal data.  The easiest way to keep your personal information secure is to encrypt it.  This can be done seamlessly and for free through a cool program called TrueCrypt. To start down the road of […]

Staff Picks: Top Web Apps and Software of 2009

Many great web applications and software emerged in 2009, so the staff at Techerator put together a list of their favorite or most used applications of 2009.  Let us know about your favorite software of 2009 in the comments at the bottom! Evan Wondrasek Gmail – I’ve been using Gmail for a few years, but […]

Fix: Adobe AIR Apps Crash After Upgrading to Fedora 12

After upgrading your system to Fedora 12, you may notice that some of your Adobe AIR applications no longer load properly.  The problem may persist even after you have reinstalled both Adobe AIR and the individual Adobe AIR applications. An error you may receive when installing the AIR applications is shown below: Application crashed with […]

Launchy: Never Use Your Start Menu Again

As your computer becomes loaded with software, your desktop may become cluttered with shortcuts and also difficult to navigate through the Start Menu.  Here is an example of what an out-of-control Start Menu may look like: Launchy is an open source keystroke launcher for Windows and Linux that allows you to open documents, folders, bookmarks, […]

How to Share Your Screen with Skype

Have you ever been talking to someone on Skype and exhausted your vocabulary trying in vain to describe something on your screen to the other person?  I’ve found myself in that situation many times.  It used to be that the only option was to have the person remotely connect to my computer, which was cumbersome […]

How To: Create, Edit, and Share Documents Online with Google Docs

I feel like the guy who showed up late to a really good party.  Google Docs has been around for quite awhile now, but it wasn’t until last week that I actually tried it for the first time and I can’t believe I had been missing out on this fantastic service. Google Docs is a […]

Facebook Releases Desktop Application, Aptly Named Facebook Desktop

Facebook – the world’s fastest growing social network – wants to keep you connected to your social network without the web browser.  Using their newly released Facebook Desktop application, you can connect with friends, view your stream, and publish information right from your desktop computer. To install Facebook Desktop, you first need to install the […]