Ask Techerator: Can I copy photos from my iPad to an external hard drive?

As the popularity of Apple’s mobile devices like the iPad continues to increase, consumers are looking at ways to replace their personal computers for an iPad. This frequently raises a question: Is there a way to connect an external drive to the iPad to transfer photos? The short answer is no you cannot directly connect […]

Ask Techerator: How can I search by only File Name in Windows 7?

Techerator team: I’ve just switched from Windows XP/Office 2003 to Windows 7/Office 2010.  Before, I could easily find files in Word & Excel by simply typing a word that I knew was in the filename…. Now with Windows7/Office 2010, by searching in the upper right corner search box, the directory instead lists all the files […]

Ask Techerator: I Think I’m Being Spied on with Dynamic DNS, What Should I Do?

Techerator team: My (techie) husband mentioned that he can track the location of our laptop with a “dynamic DNS”.  He also said something about being able to remotely connect to it with this tool.  Should I be worried? Is this spyware? The service he is referring to is indeed called dynamic DNS.  This service can […]

Ask Techerator: How Can I Search Gmail for Specific Attachments?

Techerator team, I love Gmail, but I’m tired of digging through my inbox to find important attachments from a long time ago.  Is there an easier way to find them? Absolutely.  Gmail has some fantastic search features (just like the search engine that powers it), and you can use those to make quick work of […]