Stay connected with shared iCloud calendars

Keeping track of family members’ busy schedules can always be a challenge, but it can be easier by sharing calendars via Apple’s iCloud. Listed below are ways an iCloud-using family can stay connected.

Set up an iCloud Account

  1. First make sure your device is running the latest iOS version
  2. If you did not set up iCloud when you got your iPad, iPhone or iPod then select Settings –> iCloud and either enter your Apple ID or create a free Apple ID
  3. On a Mac go to System Preferences and select iCloud to configure
  4. Under iCloud Settings verify that calendar is selected On

Sharing calendars with multiple iCloud accounts

Sharing calendars requires users to share and subscribe to each others’ calendars.  These events may not be limited to just one family and can be shared with anyone who has an iCloud account.  Sharing all of the events that you add to a particular calendar can be accomplished by performing the following tasks:

  1. Create a New Calendar in iCal by selecting File –> New Calendar –> iCloud 
  2. Select the Calendar you created in iCal’s Calendar List View on the left and then select the Share Calendar option from the edit menu
  3. Type the invitee’s email address in the Name or email address area and press Done
  4. Click the pop-up menu with the invitee’s name and choose access privileges (View & Edit or View Only)
  5. For each person you want to share the calendar with, repeat steps 3 and 4


Invitation emails are then sent out from your iCloud account to the emails you entered in step 3. The recipient must click the join calendar button in the email for the shared calendar to appear in iCal.

Create calendar using a family iCloud account

Having a single family iCloud account is another way to have a shared family calendar.  Anyone can add any event at any time and everyone will see it instantly.  Once the initial set up and configuration is complete, this can be the easiest way to share a calendar.  Here is what you need to do to set up a shared iCloud account on your family’s devices:

  1. On the first or primary family member’s device you need to create a new AppleID at and set up an iCloud account associated with that AppleID. See above on how to set up iCloud
  2. In the Settings of each family member’s iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod), add a new account using the AppleID and password you just created.
  3. In the System Preferences of each family member’s Mac, add a new account using the AppleID and password you just created.
  4. On all devices, ensure that the Calendar option is turned on in each account’s respective mail settings.

Once all of the devices are configured, you just start creating calendars and adding events as if it was your own personal account.  You can also use this one iCloud account to share notes, reminders and contacts.  Basically it keeps all of your family’s events up to date under one account.

Upfront there might be a lot of events being added to the calendar, so there will be a lot of notifications that are sent to your device. To silence calendar alerts go to Settings –> Sounds –>  Calendar Alerts and select none.


With these options you should be able to manage your families busy calendar. You can select one of the options or use a combination of them based on your needs. Try one with your family to see what works best for you!

App review: Calmighty is a well-designed iOS calendar app that integrates with Facebook

Calendar apps have become a must-have download in today’s fast paced digital society. Making the move from a paper calendar to a digital one might seem like a daunting task if you are unsure of which calendar app to choose. There are millions of productivity apps in the Apple app store but if you are looking for a download that will help manage your events in an efficient and stylish way then Calmighty may be the iOS app for you.

Calmighty is a gorgeous calendar app that is well designed, easy to use and integrates with Facebook. The app has a clock interface that offers its users a new and unique way to view your daily calendar of events. The interface is set up like a traditional clock with an hour hand moving from one to twelve, and as you drag the hand through each hour of the day it will show you what events you have scheduled.

Calmighty will also show your scheduled events the old-fashioned way in the monthly calendar view or even as a daily or monthly list—choose whichever view is best for you.

The app connects your built-in iOS calendar to Calmighty for a seamless integration between both your calendars. The app also integrates with Facebook and will automatically sync your events from the social media site straight to your calendar. The Facebook integration is an excellent feature to have and makes managing your digital schedule so much easier. For those readers who use social media as a way to manage events, Calmighty will be a welcomed new app.

The design on the app is one of the best features. It is simply beautiful and stunning. Calmighty is easy to use and makes inputting events a quick and simple process – unlike other calendar apps that make the process difficult and complicated. This is an app where the user can immediately see that the developers put extra thought in the design of the interface. I have never been a fan of digital calendars as I have found them too complicated and cumbersome at times, but Calmighty has converted me to the digital calendar team, and quite frankly I don’t know how I ever survived without one.

Overall, I thought Calmighty was an excellent calendar app that bridges the gap between your digital events that may be spread across multiple calendars. There are probably many fantastic calendar downloads in the Apple app store but Calmighty does such an efficient job of organizing your digital events that there is no need to look further in your calendar app search.

Cost: Free download

Rating: 8/10