What’s new in Evernote 5 for Mac

Evernote for Mac recently received a new look and user-friendly interface in its latest update. The left panel has been updated with new options, including Shortcuts for quick access to favorite notes, notebooks, tags, and saved searches.The sidebar also includes a list of recent notes, and views of your notebooks and tags. The Notes, Notebooks, Tags, and […]

How Evernote Changed My Life

Evernote has been around a while now, and is a seemingly permanent fixture on the ubiquitous “must have apps” lists that fill technical websites and computer magazines. Evernote is, however, far from being something just for the nerds. Heavy exposure everywhere from Time magazine to the New York Times has led to it being one […]

Clearly: Chrome browser extension cuts distractions from web pages

Evernote has created a tool for people who are easily distracted. Clearly is a Google Chrome extension that strips out navigation, links and advertisement from any Web page and presents you with a cleaner, less distracting online reading experience. The Clearly reading experience is customizable: you can choose between three styles of background and typography – […]

Bring Evernote to Your Linux Desktop with Nevernote

When it comes to certain desktop applications, Linux is often the poor cousin of operating systems. Take, for example, Evernote. Evernote is an application that lets you take detailed notes, and more. It’s designed to help you, as its tagline says, remember everything. There are versions of the software for Windows and Mac OS but, […]

New Evernote Feature: The Evernote Trunk

The popular note taking software Evernote has announced a new feature called The Evernote Trunk. The Evernote Trunk is a collection of Evernote integrated applications that make use of the Evernote Developer API.  The Evernote Trunk makes these 3rd party applications easily available to you in the Evernote interface on your desktop, web, and soon […]