Should Apple Lower Prices In Post-Jobs Era?

It’s inevitable that without Steve Jobs at the helm piloting the Cupertino ship into the future Apple will change. What that change will be and how quickly it comes are both up for debate, but I don’t think it can be argued that everything will remain as is. After all, isn’t the very essence of […]

How I Used the Internet to Save Time and Money While Shopping

As I believe I’ve stated on most (if not all) of my past articles, I am kind of lazy. I did not line up at 2:30am on Black Friday in hopes of scoring huge deals. In addition to that, I am in college, therefore I am, let’s say, not as financially well off as I […]

Stay connected & save: 6 tips for padding your bank account in the New Year

With the New Year just around the corner, saving money seems to be on the minds of many people. Being a graduate student, I am not among these people, because Academia pays huge sums of money for almost zero work. Let’s be serious, I’m broke, and I need to save some dough.  New Years is […]

Create Budgets, Visualize Expenses, and Reduce Debt for Free with

When I got my first glimpse of a “big kid job” by taking an engineering internship in 2008, I quickly realized that my strategy of “save enough money for food” wasn’t going to cut it anymore.  Since I was earning significantly more than I was at my previous part-time jobs, I needed a way to […]