iTriage helps people find medical care on their mobile phones

There are mobile apps that will help you improve your  health, but what about when you’re sick or injured?  You need to know what is wrong with you and where to get it treated (probably more important). The iTriage app for Android, iOS, and Palm will help you diagnosis what ails you. If you don’t […]

Jawbone UP: A Wristband and App for Improving Your Health

Remember Jawbone? The company that made such nice Bluetooth headsets they were almost cool enough to wear in public? Well, Jawbone is at it again, but get ready for something completely different. They’ve taken their tiny gadget know-how and applied it to a problem we’ve all encountered: improving our health and fitness. Jawbone UP is […]

Five Free Android Apps to Improve Your Health & Fitness

Most of us could stand to lose a few pounds, but a sustainable lifestyle change isn’t always easy. A missed day at the gym can give way to a cheeseburger, and before you know it you’re back on the couch two weeks deep into a black hole of inactivity and junk food. These things happen, […]

Track Your Sleeping Habits with ‘Sleep As An Droid’

While I can say the name of the app is catchy (but not grammatically correct for that matter), I can’t say Sleep As An Droid is just an alarm clock. This new Android app is a supercharged alarm clock on several doses of steroids. By setting your phone on your mattress while you sleep, the app […]