Windows Won’t Boot? Try The Recovery Console

It is all too easy for the Windows operating system to become damaged and render your computer unusable, stranding you from your critical applications and documents.  Events such as power outages, electrical surges, or even an improper shutdown can damage or corrupt important system files which may cause the operating system to fail when loading. […]

Conficker Worm: How to Check If Your Computer Is Infected

Today is April 1st, and with that comes the fear of your computer being infected with the Conficker worm.  Besides following Lifehacker’s tips to protect your PC from Conficker, you can follow a more advanced method of scanning your computer in this guide. UPDATE: There are new and easier methods to scan your computer for […]

Thunderbird Fix: All Emails Show Attachment Icon (even if they don’t have attachments)

Software Involved: Mozilla Thunderbird, AVG Anti-Virus 8.0/ 8.5 Problem/Symptoms: All incoming emails in Mozilla’s Thunderbird appear as if they have attachments, regardless if they have attachments or not.  The attachment icon disappears immediately after opening the email (as long as the email did not legitimately have an attachment). Solution: AVG automatically attaches an email certification […]

Windows Tip: How To Create a System Standby Shortcut

This guide will show you how to create a System Standby shortcut for your Windows computer, which will allow you to manually activate Standby mode by simply double-clicking an icon. What is standby mode, you say? “Your machine recovers quickly as your data is stored in RAM. The slower part is waking up the peripherals. […]