App Review: Logitech Touch Mouse for iPhone and iPod Touch

Readers, I have a confession: I am lazy. If I sit down to watch TV and lose the remote, I really hope there’s something good on because there is no way I’m getting up to push the button on the TV to turn the channel (how archaic, do I LOOK like I’m elderly?). I recently […]

Review: Dropbox For iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

If you don’t already have a free Dropbox account, this is something you need to do. Essentially, Dropbox is online storage that syncs to a folder on whatever computer you have it installed on. The program places a Dropbox folder on your computer, and whatever files you put in it are automatically uploaded to the […]

Comparison: Motorola Droid vs. iPod Touch

A friend of mine recently asked if she should buy an iPod Touch or a Motorola Droid.  While these are two completely different products, one being a wifi-enabled MP3 player and the other being a full-featured smartphone, a choice definitely still exists.  So without any further adieu, here’s what I had to say about the […]

Keep Your Phone Secure with Auto Lock

While we’re generally protective of our wallets/purses (none of us would be caught dead leaving a wallet or purse unattended for more than a few minutes), we’re much more careless about another item we carry with that contains a great deal of personal information – our mobile phones. Before the advent of smartphones, losing your […]

How to Use 2D QR Barcodes to Quickly Share Information

I was recently introduced to QR Codes, which are a type of two-dimensional barcode that can store large amounts of information encrypted in a graphic.  This graphic can be scanned by devices like cell phones to quickly retrieve the data, so it’s great for sharing contact information, text, or URLs. Scanning QR Codes with your […]

How To: Use Your iPhone/iPod Touch as a Wireless Flash Drive

One of the most useful applications I’ve used for the iPhone/iPod Touch is Airsharing ($4.99, app store), which allows you to use your device as a wireless flash drive.  Not only can it store (and view!) files wirelessly, it also works on Windows, Mac, Linux and even through a web browser.  If that wasn’t enough […]