A closer look at the iPhone 5 Mockup

With the release of the latest-generation iPhone around the corner, the web has registered numerous leaks about the device from multiple sources around the globe. The latest bit of information comes from a set of videos and still photos of a full mockup of the iPhone 5 at the 2012 IFA convention in Europe. The mockup was first spotted by GSM Israel field agents in a booth for an iPhone case maker.

The news caught up like wildfire after being translated and posted on The Verge, stemming a lively discussion about the real meaning of the mockup. Commenting on the same, a reporter said, “We are told volume production of the form-fitting cases have already begun, with a view to shipping to retailers in a week’s time.” He went a step further to state that, “The mockup we got to see today confirms absolutely nothing about Apple’s plans, but at least one company is confident enough in the dimensions on show to start producing accessories for the expected iPhone 5.”

The Verge claims to have stumbled upon the mockup that is shown below courtesy of the CEO to a major cover and case manufacturer. The mockup rhymes with all the iPhone 5 rumors floating around in the sense that the gadget is taller than existing iPhones and features a bottom-placed headphone jack and a two-toned back plate.

Among the expected upgrades on the iPhone 5 will be a larger 4-inch screen, a slimmer design, and a redesigned charging dock with fewer pins. Other features to expect in the new model will be 4G LTE connectivity, NFC capabilities and a longer-lasting battery.

With the launch anticipated to be a real game changer, other handset rivals are rushing to share the glory ahead of the iPhone 5. Nokia announced some new devices yesterday, including their new flagship Lumia 920, while Amazon is rumored to debut a new Kindle Fire on September 6th.

My iPhone 5 Wish List

I crossed the line into full-on Apple addiction a few weeks ago. Not satisfied to wait and watch Apple’s iPad keynote speech after the event, I tuned in to a live blogcast, followed the tweets and photographs as they happened, and waited eagerly to find out about what the “one other thing” bit at the end might be about.

Well, as you probably know, this particular keynote event didn’t actually have a “one other thing” part. Instead, the event concluded with a slide telling us that in 2012 there is “a lot to look forward to.” After my initial disappointment that we hadn’t been given a tantalising glimpse of the new MacBook Pro or iPhone 5, I got to thinking: what do I actually want to see from Apple this year?

With that in mind, here is my own personal wish list for the iPhone 5 (or whatever Apple decide to call it). I have tried to keep my list practical – I don’t need a waterproof phone. Instead, these are things that would make the best phone I have ever possessed even better.

1. A New Form Factor

The fact that there was no change to the iPhone’s shape with the release of the 4S was a disappointment to many. It’s time for a change that makes the device look more modern and that makes it clear that it is a NEW iPhone. I imagine case manufacturers dream of this too!

iPhone - People Outside the US Would Appreciate an Improved Siri
iPhone - People Outside the US Would Appreciate an Improved Siri

2. A Better Siri

Apple need to prove that voice control is more than a toy, and this starts with making Siri more useful outside the US. Siri’s voice recognition accuracy gives a glimpse of how exciting this technology could be – so let’s see an exponential improvement.

3. Improved Durability

A study by a UK company found that 40% of UK iPhone users are using devices with a cracked screen. If Apple could find a way to make the devices less fragile, it would clearly please a lot of people. While we’re at it – we need a practical alternative to plastic screen protectors – they are near impossible to stick on without huge air bubbles.

4. 32GB on the Base Model

If you compare the cost of a 16GB flash drive with a 32GB flash drive it’s not a whole lot. With Apple clearly wanting us to invest in HD video via the iTunes store, they need to drop a couple of dollars of profit margin and give us more storage as standard.

5. Better Earbuds

It is surprising that a company as image-conscious as Apple continues to dish our earbuds that are widely known to be dreadful. It’s time for a change.

If Apple could tick those five boxes, none of which should be too hard to achieve, I may take my Apple addiction to a yet higher level and go and queue at an Apple store on launch day.

What would it take to make you do the same? Share your thoughts in the comments section.