Office 2010: Fix Word Not Saving Default Settings

In a previous article, I wrote about how to change the default font and document settings in Word 2010.  I recently ran into a frustrating problem on a computer where even though I was saving the settings as default like shown in the mentioned article, when I would close Word and then re-open, the old […]

How To Change Default Font and Document Settings In Microsoft Word

The release of Microsoft Office 2007 brought some major changes to the popular office suite.  Many did not care for these changes at first, but users soon started to enjoy the newest features of Word, Excel, and other Office 2007 programs. One feature in Office 2007 still seen in Office 2010 is a change in […]

How To Change The Default File Opening and Saving Location For Microsoft Office

If you’re a big Word and Excel user, you may open and save several documents in a day.  Word and Excel are set by default to save in your My Documents folder on Windows XP or Documents library on Windows Vista/7.  This default location is OK if you’re a home user but may not be […]

Quick Tip: How to Save Documents as PDFs in Microsoft Office Word 2007

If you’ve ever written a document in Microsoft Office Word, chances are you’ve wanted to save it as a PDF for easy sharing.  Publishing to PDF isn’t included in the standard installation of Microsoft Office Word, but you can add it in a few easy steps which I will cover in this quick tip. Step […]