Spice Up Your Twitter Profile with Themeleon

You no doubt have come across Twitter pages that capture your attention immediately you see them. Users, businesses and organizations can customize the feel and look of this important social network to not only reflect the company or business brand, but use it as a vital marketing tool. So, how do you turn your Twitter page from being just average to having a great-looking visual that accentuates your brand or personality?

Introducing Themeleon.

Themeleon is a tool that allows you to create customized and sleek Twitter profile pages. It’s the official Twitter profile design extension that resides directly under Twitter’s selection of themes. Themeleon has dozens of themes that can be browsed and previewed with just a single click.

If you are not satisfied with what Themeleon has to offer on Twitter, you can browse their website and find dozens of additional layouts. Themeleon offers different ways of personalizing your backgrounds by adding patterns, images, colors and layout palettes, making it possible to come up with a sleek and entirely unique design from the patterns at hand. Plus, Themeleon has a huge creative community that continues to grow, which means more and more color palettes and seamless patterns are becoming available.

After signing up for the service, you automatically become part of the community and have access to everything. From here, you can create a palette, choose a member-created pattern palette and color it the way you want with your own spin to it. Using the Seamless Lite pattern maker, you can design your very own tiling pattern templates with a simple drag and drop. What’s even more interesting is the fact that you can make it publicly available to the community and allow members to help you create your pattern templates.

Whether you are looking to make a sleek, clean Twitter page to market your business or just looking to create a brightly-colored graphically-intensive representation of your personality, Themeleon can be your go-to solution.

Source: Movement Marketing: 4 Strategies For Sparking A Brand Movement

Google Releases New Themes for Gmail and Google Calendar

Dear people living under rocks this past week: If you haven’t noticed, Google has decided to tackle bold new things recently, with widespread success. First, they came out with Google+, a type of digital, communal gathering site that allows one to keep up with friends and collaborate with them (Which I am sure that Techerator will summarize into article form). And that was pretty cool.

But then, they did something even cooler and bolder than diving into the social networking realm: they updated Gmail with new themes and revamped Google Calendar! Isn’t that amazing! These new changes are a direct result of the Google+ launch in order to make Google’s products look more streamlined and uniform, as well as continuing the progress towards cleaner aesthetics.

The new look for Google Calendar will be turned on automatically, but you’ll have to activate the new Gmail themes yourself through the use of special new “Preview” themes. Gmail themes can be found by clicking the settings icon in the top right corner of your Gmail account (by your email name), selecting “Mail Settings”, and then going to the “Themes” tab. You can then select either “Preview” or “Preview (Dense)”, the latter having less padding between each item in your inbox.

And for those of you still living under rocks without a Google account, here’s a few pictures to show off the neatness.


Old Gmail

Old Google Calendar

Don't judge a man by his calendar


New Gmail

Clean, clear, and shiny. Divine email inspiration.

New Google Calendar

Now with 10% more minutes per day (results not typical)

I’d say that Google cleans up quite nicely for its couple hundred million users. And that’s something you can truly leave the rock behind for.

Google Chrome Beta Adds Themes

google-chrome-iconDo you use Google Chrome?  Do you like themes?  If so, I’ve got great news for you – you can now have both!  The new beta version of Chrome adds theme support and a gallery of nearly 30 themes designed by Google.

Here’s how to add themes to Chrome:

  1. Download and install Chrome Beta (this is different than the standard version of Chrome you may already be using)
  2. Check out the Chrome Themes Gallery
  3. Preview themes by clicking on the thumbnail, or add one instantly by clicking ‘Apply theme’

A few of my favorite themes so far: Glow, Glossy Blue, Greyscale, and Earthy.

Glow Theme for Google Chrome Beta
Glow Theme for Google Chrome Beta

And my least favorite: Legal Pad.

Legal Pad Theme for Google Chrome Beta
Legal Pad Theme for Google Chrome Beta

The theme gallery is fairly limited so far, but the Google Chrome Blog explains that more themes will be added in the future as this feature becomes integrated in the stable version.  Chrome Beta has some other great features (like customizing the New Tab page and an improved “Omnibar”), so let us know what you think in the comments!