Spice Up Your Android Wallpaper With Astronomy Picture of the Day

Once you’ve grown tired of Android’s multitude of live wallpapers, or if (God forbid) you’re still rocking whatever default wallpaper your phone came with, it might be time for a change. Add some science to your day and keep your wallpaper fresh with Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Astronomy Picture of the Day scrapes the NASA webpage of the same name and makes it easy to set the current day’s picture as your wallpaper.

As you would expect from an application used to set your wallpaper, Astronomy Picture of the Day is simple to use. From the main page you can see the current day’s picture, or scroll through a list of previous days’ pictures. Once you find the picture that catches your fancy, just click on it, hit the Menu key, and click Auto Set Wallpaper (note that there are a few other options in this menu as well).

On the picture’s page you can also click the little ‘i’ button in the upper right hand corner to learn more about that picture.

Astronomy Picture of the Day’s coolest feature is its ability to auto-update your wallpaper every day. From the main page hit Menu, then Preferences. Here you can set the time of day that the application should update, as well as set a few other options.

Astronomy Picture of the Day can be downloaded from the Android Market here or by scanning the QR code below. If you really enjoy the application consider donating to the developer, which also removes advertisements from the main application.

Add a Splash of Color to Your Twitter Background (and clothing and walls, too!)

If you’re like many of my Twitter friends, or about 70% of the Techerator staff, you have a default Twitter background. There’s nothing wrong with it, unless you want the same unique look as 80 million other people in the Twitterverse.

There’s the option to cruise Google or Bing for wallpapers large and shapely enough to make your background look sweet without tiling the image.  And sure, there are plenty of websites that tout that their choices of backgrounds are the best…except they aren’t. Not unless they are ColourLovers.

These cats are a colorful, creative community of people who create, share, and discuss the latest trends, colors, palettes, and patterns. So whether you’re an artist extraordinaire or just a person looking to spiff up a site background, ColourLovers is a great place to explore.

On ColorLovers, you can create your own background, palette or pattern and share it with the community or strictly keep it for (and to) yourself. There are various tools on the site to help you create these fancy, unique creations, no download required. My favorite (and the one that’ll be easiest to create your own Twitter background) is Themeleon.

It's simple as signing into Twitter, picking some color schemes and saving it. Kewl Twitter page, here you come!

Simply go to the “Tools” header and select “Themeleon” and it’ll automatically prompt you to sign into Twitter. Like many applications on Twitter, ColourLovers will need your permission to connect to your account, enabling it to load your Twitter profile page so you get a feel of what people will be seeing when they visit your profile. You can apply a pre-made background or theme from other users or tweak the colors of the background of your choosing.

And don’t worry. There’s no shortage of backgrounds. With over 3,000 backgrounds (that doesn’t even count the amount of color palettes available!), there’s a rare chance of having the same background of someone else on Twitter, unless, you know, you like what everyone else likes. And in that case, you might just want to choose from one of Twitter’s 19 default backgrounds.

One of the great parts of ColourLovers is that it’s all free. From the community forums, to creating backgrounds and sharing colors, it’s all at your fingertips; no wallet required.

If you want to take your coloring schemes to the next level, the site offers other services (whether partnered with a sponsor or giving you some third-party ideas) to help see that design come to life on clothes, fabric, or canvas.

So whether you’re perusing for a Twitter background or looking for a way to make some nifty art, ColourLovers is a great place to experiment with colors, just like you used to as a kid. Coloring outside the lines is optional, but strongly encouraged.

Photo Credit: farhaddaud (from Flickr)