Friday Fun: Fight Your Twitter Friends In Dot War

Twitter doesn’t usually lend itself to games very well, but Dot War takes a unique approach. Type in your username and a friend’s (or opt for a random opponent), and your respective user pictures are transformed into an army of pixel soldiers. The colors in your picture determine your soldiers’ behavior and strength. Each side has three crystals that the opposing army is trying to destroy, with the army that damages the opponent’s crystals the most in the allotted time declared the winner.

There are two modes of play: an automated version where you have no direct control over your army, and a more hands-on mode where you can direct the general movement of your troops. Neither offer a very deep gaming experience, but it does give you a nice diversion in which you compete with your friends to see who has the most powerful Twitter account.

In the battle below, My avatar army was able to defeat Evan’s.

See if you can best our staff! Just plug in @briannelsondsgn, @pbvinge, @JugglingPilot, @kschulte, @dpatterson, or @evanw.