Friday Fun! Get Your Flash Game Fill With Morplee

Kick back and relax, it’s Friday! What better way to pass the time at work than with a Flash game?

Morplee follows the WarioWare format of throwing mini-games at you and seeing how fast you react. You’re given 60 seconds to complete 25 mini-games, running the gamut from frantically clicking as fast as you can to solving simple math problems. The twist is that the mini-games are stacked on a tower, giving you a view of three at a time that you can play in any order you choose.

On top of that, Space Invader-like enemies fall from the sky. Shoot them with your mouse before they land and start sucking your lifeforce. Take too long or lose all of your health and it’s Game Over!

There are slight variations to some of the mini-games, so even if you have one figured out you’ll still have to think quickly before you click. You’ll probably be able to finish the game in ten minutes or less, but those ten minutes will be filled with frenzied mouse movement and clicking as you try to save your home planet from the invading aliens.

I finished with a final score of 3034, can you top that?