Office Pranking: A Photo Essay

Ah yes, April Fools Day.  A cheerful (or nerve-wracking) time of  false pretenses, tomfoolery, and a few good gags at the expense of others.  And why not?  This day is all about giving the laughs out and taking them in; a constant ebb and flow of pranking and being pranked.

The April Fools veteran knows that pranks are not as easy as they look.  Pranks need to be planned efficiently and appropriately for April Fools Day to be considered a great success.  So to help that process start off on the right foot, here are a few harmless computer related pranks to try out on your peers.  Enjoy!

The Pranks

The Blue Screen PowerPoint Prank

Scotch Tape and the Optical Mouse

A New Keyboard Layout

Note: Windows 7 Users: Changing the keyboard layout is under Start -> Control Panel -> Region and Language -> Keyboards and Languages -> Change Keyboard.

Images on Computer Start-Up


Final Thoughts

Obviously this list is far from complete (getting the right camera shot, printscreening all the computer related steps, and setting up a photo series is not a trivial thing to do, mind you), but it is a list of pranks nonetheless.  Before you run off with these, though, I just have one final reminder…

…revenge is an irritated friend with a large, orange bat.

[Many thanks to Brian Lemke and Kara Laframboise for their photogenic talents and abilities]

Published by Kevin Ivanca

Kevin Ivanca is a 20-something who presently works and lives in the greater Minneapolis area. Although Kevin spends most of his time trying to keep up with the newest and greatest technological fads, he does find spare time to play guitar, draw comics, and socialize.