Are Macs really overpriced? The PC-Mac price gap is shrinking

I recently switched over to a MacBook Pro after being a PC guy my entire life. Before my MacBook, I had only custom-built Windows machines in my possession. A lot of my close PC friends couldn’t believe  that I shelled out so much money for an “overpriced” computer. However, to my discovery, the large price gap that exists between a PC and a Mac has been shrinking and I believe it’s still going to shrink to the point where PCs and Macs will cost the same or at least very close to the same, especially because of where the industry is heading.

It wasn’t long ago when you could find a MacBook that was priced at an easy $1,300 and a comparable Windows laptop that cost half that. However, that was then and it’s 2012 now. Things have changed drastically.

Let’s start with a normal 15-inch laptop:

Obviously I’m not making much of a case here. The HP has more RAM and better graphics with a lower price tag. However, the price gap isn’t greatly significant.

Let’s look at all-in-one machines next:

This is a little better, but the HP Omni has better graphics and twice the HDD, but the difference in price is very small.

Now here’s where it gets very interesting. Let’s look at some thin-and-light laptops:

The Samsung has a slower processor and is the same price as the MacBook Air.

Let’s now move up to a bigger screen, thus more room for a faster machine:

Almost identical specs, but the Lenovo is $200 more than the MacBook Air.

Interesting, huh? Ultrabooks are the same price (sometimes more) as the MacBook Air, and this is where the industry is going. Expect to see thin-and-light laptops make a huge impact, and unless PC manufacturers can find cheaper ways to manufacture them, the price gap between PCs and Macs will only shrink.

Note: All prices and configurations were taken from the manufacturers’ own websites.